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"Data protection, monitoring and preventing unauthorized access"

Our comprehensive range of cybersecurity services is designed to help businesses of all sizes and industries manage cyber risk, protect their data, and achieve their digital transformation goals

Dejpaad, Network Security and Engineering Company

The Network - The Heartbeat of your Business

Our solutions work because we understand the greater role these solutions play in enabling your organization’s success.

We use expertise that’s been proven and tested around the globe to help you get ahead of challenges, sense opportunities sooner and outpace change.

Dejpaad provides network security solutions and services

Cloud Computing Services

There are countless reasons why cloud computing is important for business, whether it’s used for large-scale data storage and analytics, delivering a web-based service, scaling infrastructure, or disaster recovery purposes (among many other uses). In simple terms, cloud computing involves delivering various computing services over the world wide web. Dejpaad can help you easily migrate to the cloud while reducing the costs of IT modernization.

Network Infrastructure and Network Security Services

An optimized network can improve productivity, network security, and end-user experience. With Dejpaad’s Network Infrastructure Services, you get a fast and accurate way of assessing your current network environment, fine-tuning it with emerging technologies, and planning a strategy for your future-state design. We give you strong global support that can adapt to your evolving infrastructure requirements, no matter where your business is going. At Dejpaad, we understand that managing cyber risk is of utmost importance for any business operating in today's digital landscape. Our comprehensive range of cybersecurity services is designed to help businesses of all sizes and industries manage cyber risk, protect their data, and achieve their digital transformation goals.

Storage and compute products and services

Because of the diverse and extensive market of information technology, choosing the right technology to store the information of organizations requires complexities and knowledge. Today, one of the challenges for managers is choosing the organization's technology type (depending on the dimension and activity) and optimizing the services, existing systems, and cost. Dejpaad, Engineering, and Network Security Company is one of the leaders in the field of providing storage and process resources equipment by taking advantage of the expertise and knowledge of managers and specialists.

SIEM Services

Security Information and Event Management is a set of integrated log management and monitoring tools that help organisations detect targeted attacks and data breaches. Conducting various types of penetration tests, identifying and removing threats, as well as providing correct management solutions, are among the services provided by Dejpaad. An agnostic approach to technology means that we support a broad range of market-leading SIEM technologies, including ‘Next-Gen’ and SaaS SIEM solutions, and we’ll work with you to deploy a system that’s best tailored to your organisation’s threat detection needs.


Supplying the products of the best international companies in the field of security and network infrastructure and providing services and solutions based on modern information and communication technologies.

Why Dejpaad?

Get a Cost-Effective Solution

We help imagine, build and implement technologies to keep our clients constantly aware and responsive.

Protect Sensitive Data

Meet security monitoring standards, be compliant and keep your sensitive data in the safe zone.

Get Technical Support

You have questions – we have answers. Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you want. Every detail matters.

Improve Dwell Time

React to the threats immediately with easy-to-perceive notifications. Know what happened, when, and what to do about it.

Receive Transparent Reports

Get metrics that matter. No redundant data that could mislead you.Custom reports that bring unique value.

How we behave

We respect everyone’s unique voice and background because we know that diversity helps us thrive, and we benefit from having everyone at the table.

Cooperating Process


Setting project objectives

Each project should be started with “having a vision of its complete version in mind”. It doesn’t mean we have to imagine every function of the product, but we should know what you want to achieve.


Plan a project

A roadmap should include the so-called milestones, which are the most important events that sum up reaching a given project phase. In case of IT products these usually include a prototype, MVP, and a fully featured product.


Take control of time, budget and quality

At the end of each sprint you receive a report that will review which parts of the plan were completed, taking the above indicators into consideration.

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